My Choice

From Just My Thoughts
I choose you.

Everyday I wake up, I choose to love you. I will continue to choose you everyday 'til forever. I choose to love you, cherish you, adore you, take care of you and spoil you. I choose to be loyal to you, to be honest with you, to fight for you.
You are deserving of all these things and more. I have loved you, but haven't shown it well. But I will try everyday to do better, because you make me a better person. I never knew love, never knew understanding, before I met you.

Until forever.
From My Thinking Cap: 😊😍

when it is hard to love you,
I will love you more.
when I feel like you're pushing me away,
i will hold you tight.
you are who you are,
and I love you for that.
although it puzzles me.
the change in mood,
the way you talk to me.
out of concern, maybe.
i get it.
you need to grow.
you are afraid of the future.
uncertain things.
actually, uncertainty excites me as long as we're together.
keep in mind that i will always consider what you want to achieve in life.
i'll support you,
i am always here for you.
whatever track of career it is.
because this love of mine,
does not only care for your happiness
but also your growth as an individual.
thank you for being so responsible and thinking about our future together.
i love you, for the reason that i love you.
we can make it ding,
we'll get married someday and we'll spend life together.
honestly, it excites me so much.
waking up with you beside me,
sipping a cup of coffee in the morning with you,
things like that.
i am grateful to have you,
grateful that you consider my family situation.
don't worry that much,
we are fine.
as we prepare for our future together,
let's continue to be happy and savor this relationship.

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