Yuri!! on ICE is a sports anime. Its story revolves around the main protagonist, Katsuki Yūri, who is a professional figure skater. After he suffered from a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix Final, he decided to go back to his family home.  At age 23, Yūri figured that his career as a professional figure skater might be over especially with his weight gain after stress eating.

All of this changed when he found himself at the spotlight after his childhood friend’s triplet daughters posted a video of him skating at Viktor Nikiforovs’ Stay Close To Me.

Yuri!! on ICE is a sports anime but somewhat differentiates itself from other sports anime. Most sports anime typically have highschoolers as characters. Yuri!! on Ice on the other hand, have characters who are recognized as professionals  worldwide/nationwide. More than that, the anime can be closely related into reality as there are speculations as to who the characters from this anime were inspired by.  

Katsuki Yūri; Daisuke Takahashi; Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuri Plisitsky; Yuzuru Hanyu; Yulia Lipnitskaya

Viktor Nikiforov; Evgeni Plushenko

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 More importantly, this anime focuses on how ‘love’ can be used as a catalyst to grow, improve, and inspire.

 In the episodes, you can observe how other figure skaters are growing through ‘love’ as well.  Not just romantic love but the different types of love such as unrequited, protective and parental love.

The anime strives to break the boundaries and limitations through the power of ‘love’. The reality that we have today is very fast-paced. With the commotions and struggles that we, as an individual, face every day, we are bound to break at some point. Yuri!! on ICE conveys the message that ‘love’ is all around us. Yes, we may face problems that are out of our league and be forced to realize our weaknesses and limitations but we also need to realize that we have people around us who support us and trusts on our capability to overcome ourselves!

Although there are people who perceive this anime as ‘Boy Love’ (common in most sports anime but very subtle) in Yuri!! on ICE’s case, the romance between Viktor and Yūri is very clear which resulted to the hype we have today) and therefore refuse the idea to watch it and even criticize it for its ‘gayness’. 

It’s very assuring to know that the mangaka, Mitsurō Kubo, is not disheartened.

No matter what the real world thinks of this work, in the world of this work, no matter who you fall in love with, you will not be discriminated. I will definitely protect that kind of world.
With this, we can hope for the possible future of this anime to have a second season.

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