This is not your typical anime. Although it only spun for 12 wonderful episodes, it will surely leave you an impression.

The main protagonist in the anime is Ichiko Sakura. She had been blessed with the inherent gift of being extremely lucky and she is also able to absorb the luck of the people around her causing the gods to send Momiji Binboda to restore the energy balance on Earth by stealing the Fortune Energy of Ichiko.

This anime shows us the severe level of difficulty in putting other people’s need before ours. Humans are naturally self-centered. I think that it is one of the main traits that are actually needed by us humans to survive. People in the history grew in power because of this trait and secured their future and their next generation’s future. It is as natural as the feeling of annoyance you get when you bring food for yourself and your friends, even the people you’re not close to, ask to have a share of your food. If you think about it, being self-centered isn’t really quite as bad as it sounds but that also does not mean that it is a good quality to develop either.

 My point is, in my perspective, this anime really captured our unique feature; our selfishness and our compassion. 
The reason why we still give our friends our food despite feeling annoyed is because of this. We know how aggravating it is to feel hungry and not being able to eat and of course, as a friend (and a human) you wouldn’t want them to suffer but in the back of our mind, we have that faint whisper of our inner fiend just telling us to say ‘NO’ and just prioritize ourselves.

With Ichijoji as the personification of both these traits, we can see/relate to her struggle as a human being who wants to be in an advantageous position in life by keeping all of her fortune by herlself (just like any normal human beings would normally do) but also having the desire to help the other people (needless to say, that road is quite a long road for Ichijo but as the story progressed, you can see her occasionally showing her kindness although it is immediately followed by her nasty personality).

These human struggles are hilariously portrayed which honestly causes most or maybe some audiences to take the story lightly but my opinion above may just be me putting too much emphasis/importance of this animated work.

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