Accessing GeoServer in a Local Network in Windows

Using these following installers:

step1. insert following xml nodes into ../webapps/geoserver/WEB-INF/web.xml


step2. unzip Jetty-bundles-repository-9.0.5.v20130815, and find two jar files in ./lib dir: jetty-util-9.0.5.v20130815.jar, jetty-servlets-9.0.5.v20130815.jar (because “org.eclipse.jetty.servlets.CrossOriginFilter” is in jetty-servlets-9.0.5.v20130815.jar package, which depends on jetty-util-9.0.5.v20130815.jar package)

step3. copy these to jar files to “.../geoserver/WEB-INF/lib”.

step4. restart GeoServer. ALL DONE!

The above instruction will allow you to use WFS, of course, you need to enable the service in GeoServer..

IMPORTANT: Allow port to be accessible locally by adding it in Firewall. Click here.

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