Pokemon Go Fix: Failed to Login/Servers are Humbled

This problem occurs with Android OS v. 4.4.4, and experienced using Google Account as credential in logging-in to the game. I guess, it has something to do with syncing your account to the game.

I tried removing my Google Account on my phone then log-in to the game,of course it will ask for password, I entered my password correctly but the game did not recognize it.

I did not have this problem before the latest update(.33), since then I need to tap retry several times to get into the game which is kind of annoying and sometimes pisses me off. HAHA


  • If you tap retry several times already and failed to log-in, try another account.
  • Create another account (try it, it won't hurt you..hehe) in Pokemon Trainer Club.
  • Use that account and you'll be surprised, you're in the game. (sometimes it fails and you'll get "Servers are humble...", just try again)
  • Play just a minute or two, then log-out.
  • Now, log-in again using your Google Account.


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