bright by echosmith

Hi dear!

I love you so much.
I just felt today that I should say those words to you more often than before.
And the need to prove it to you every day.
Thank you for considering me in your time.
I know I'm quite demanding.
Thank you for letting me in again.

All I want for you is to be happy with me.
I will try my best to make that happen when we're together or even apart.
I'll be the saddest if I lose you again.

So please bear with my immaturity sometimes.
With my random stares at you,
and with my unnecessary giggles and smiles.
'Coz I don't see myself with anyone else other than you.
I'm claiming it that you will be my future.
My future stress-reliever.
My future company.
My partner in life!

So, just bear with me.
One of the things that I'm proud of and maybe my "greatest offer" to you.

A day spent with you is the day that I'm truest to myself.
Every time I look at you, my heart smiles and whispers
"I need to take good care of this girl 'coz if not, I might lose her and regret it forever" 

Your love made me a grown-up man.

I love you not because of anything else but because it is what I feel.
How nice my tomorrow will be with you beside me.

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