Believe me...

Believe me,
When I say that I LOVE YOU
When I care about you
When I don't want to hurt you intentionally
Because it's true.
This is a promise to myself more than to you.

You deserve all my time and efforts and more importantly my love.

With you, I am not afraid to experience pain again.
'Cause I know that it will be worth it.
 And I understand that, when there is love, there is pain.
You told me that you would rather get hurt than me, in which I don't want to happen.

Sometimes when I'm alone and lying in my bed,
thoughts of our relationship will come in my head.
It's surreal, and it still amazes me.
I must have done something good because God has lead me back to you.
Always remember that my love for you is greater than any of my future mistakes.
I want you to know that!
You are loved because of who and what you are.
You don't need to change and I'm sure you won't. 

I'm not perfect dear, but I will be consistent in loving you.
Let's stay happy and make more memories together.

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