Why I choose her?

The real question is not "Why?, it's "Why not?".
I choose her because I LOVE her.
She loves me also.
And I love how she shows it.
Gentle, sincere and she appreciates little things that I do for her.
Every time I look at her, it makes me glad that I had a failed relationships.
Because it makes me think that my past has prepared me for this moment.
'Cause with her, I see happiness, I see contentment.
Seldom you'll find a woman who cares a lot about you.
Who speaks "I love you" with every kiss.
Who can hug you in both manner;being told or not.

By the way,
I will still love you even if you don't feel the same.
But of course, I'm very GLAD you did. (hehe..thank you)
I love how short you are.
I love your eyes, the way it laid on me.
I love your forehead. (bun-og na every Sunday..haha)
I love your lips, nose, ears, neck and even your teeth.
I love your small hands, your cute face, your shoulders, elbows. (ayeee)
Your hair, the smell of your perfume. (sorry di jd ko magperfume..haha)
I love everything about you.

I hate to see you cry.
Those sad eyes I hate it, really.

Don't forget that from now on,
YOU HAVE ME. (capslock and bold para intense)
I will try my very best to make you happy
and make your life easier.
And (kabalo naka ani) you are allowed to make mistakes.
Because first, we're human what's important is we'll TALK about it.
So, to more laughs and memories for us.

This is not my wedding vow yet! (HAHA)

Quotes for you:
If I’m angry with you, it doesn’t mean that I can’t overcome these feelings and hold you in my arms again. If I’m angry with you, it just means that I’m human.
If I’m angry with you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.

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