All I need is you...

Why worry about the future if we're doing great today?
What I mean with "great" is, we're so much in love and we are the happiest when we're together.
And even if not, we longed for each other.
It's not bad, right?

Do you think we need to slow it down?
I don't think so!
We have wasted (sorry for the term) enough time with other people from the past already.
I think we deserved each other the way it needs to be.

Do you think this feeling of mine will change soon?
The answer is (if there's one thing that I'm really sure this is it), NO!
You are worth the time, effort and love.
You are more than what I asked and deserved.

They say you need an inspiration to write something.
Yeah, it's true.
A song and thoughts of you is enough, and sometimes a cup of coffee.

I'm glad that we have this kind of relationship.
Like we talk things, then laugh about it.
Argue like preschoolers.
You're the cutest when you reason out. (HAHA)
Making you laugh hard is such an achievement. (I need a trophy for it..HAHA)

You don't need to be apologetic all the time.
I'm not that fragile and sensitive anymore. (Hehe)
Anyway, thank you for being like that.

Who needs a cook when I have you.
(That was the most delicious beef loaf ever).
Who needs a laundress when I have you.
(Those black shirts were so clean..HAHA)

Bitaw uyy,

Everything is great when we're together and when I have you.
Talking to you,
eating with you,
walking beside you,
your hugs and kisses,
your sweet simple gestures were more than enough.
I'll forever treasure those things.
(coz simple things matter the most.)

So, stay and don't ever leave.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

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