This is about her.
When you can be yourself with someone, she's the one.
An old love when awaken is stronger than  your mind. So, don't bother thinking on fighting it back. Let your heart beats freely, let it decide without holding back for you won't regret it in the end.

When you fall in love, well it's science more like lots of chemical reactions happening in your brain. But, let's skip that part.

When I fall in love, I think of bad things ahead; pessimist, I am.
But now, I'm changing it. I promised to myself to look for a better SUNRISE everyday.

And why the heck not?
I'm like torturing myself before.
After all, happiness should start from within, like it's a choice;mindsets.
But we can't ignore the fact that someone/some things have different value for us.
So, it gives different impact or amount of happiness.
What we need to do is segregate those "things" or "people" in our life.
If it doesn't make you happy, then it's bad for you. Simple as that.
I don't strive for greatness but for happiness.
This is just a borrowed life, might be taken any time.
So focus and give your time to people who makes you happy.


I'm tired of fake smiles and pretentious conversations with other people.
When I'm with her, I'm with myself.
More like, comfortable?!!
or I AM ME (<--dance group reference.. HAHA)
I don't like lots of people, as I grew older they're getting fewer and fewer.
And out all of them, you're the dearest one (well, excluding my mom and sisters and my brother).
Don't get tired of watching movies with me noh?!!!
Next time we'll watch sunrise for real, and maybe sunset also.
Maybe travel far with just the two of us.
Look what you did to me, I'm planning good things ahead.

 :) <3

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