Search Text in Paragraph using jQuery

The code below highlight the words in the paragraph if it matches on the inputted keywords or text from the user.
  • Gets the value from the text box
  • Split if the words are separated by space
  • Store the values in an array
  • Pass those values in the function
  • and use RegExp to evaluate
  • If found, replaces the text with added span tag for the highlight.

$.fn.wrapInTag = function (opts) {
    var words = opts.words || [],
        regex = RegExp(words.join('|'), 'gi'),
        replacement = '<span class="highlight">$&</span>';
    return this.html(function () {
        return $(this).text().replace(regex, replacement);

$('#terms').keyup(function () {
    var keywords = [];
    keywords = $(this).val().split(" ");
        words: keywords

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