Just some random thoughts when I was sick written in a pad paper decided to wrote it here.


You read a quote
You lived with it
That's wrong!

You read a quote
You looked for the author
Studied his life

You read a quote
You are relieved

You read a quote
You approved
Because it suits you
My love for you
is not that strong.
I don't think it's not true.
I don't think it's not real.
But it's love.

Note to Self:
Take care of my heart (I'll change my way of meeting new people,)
I'll save now. (I've been sick lately.)
I will listen to my mother more. (She always takes good care of me.)
Look for an ounce of confidence and drink it.
Less internet usage after work.

What's the point of seeing someone who doesn't want to be in a relationship?
I do missed her.

You know what's hard?
It's accepting that you have been rejected by the person you loved.
You have to move on, you need to move on.
It eats up you happiness, it hurts.
It stays and wanted to be felt;pain.


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