Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows restricted resources (e.g. fonts, JavaScript, etc.) on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the resource originated.-Wikipedia
Because I'm trying to get or access data from another site, I have encountered this error:

“No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource”

After spending bunch of hours reading what really causes it, finally found a solution. HAHA

CORS Anywhere is a NodeJS proxy which adds CORS headers to the proxied request.

//this is to allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
jQuery.ajaxPrefilter(function (options) {
    if (options.crossDomain && jQuery.support.cors) {
        options.url = 'https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/' + options.url;
    url: <URL HERE>,
    dataType: 'json',
    type: "GET",
    success: function (e) {

URL will be https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/<URL HERE> in every request.
Credits to the person who created the script.

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