Echo of Soul: Huntress Quickdraw Build

So, I've been playing this game for a month now. Currently I'm level 55 and my class is obviously a Huntress. Anyway, here's my build:
Skill Build Huntress: Echo of Soul

I don't have plan on getting any skills from the last line. :D
No hate on Sniper Stance though. I just want a quick and agile character.

Skill Build Huntress Series: Echo of Soul
Skill Series

The way I kill enemies(monsters) is the same with characters(PvP).
  • Cast the Nervous Target skill to them (F7)
  • Slow them down and decrease their defence; Stunning Shot (1)
  • Cast Nock Twice(2) to restore CP then Withering Arrow(skill trigger, probably Q or E) to decrease more defence on the enemy
  • Poison;Arsenic Arrow(3)
  • As they approach you, cast Know Back; Suppressing Shot(4) 
  • Lighten Quiver(5) then skill trigger; Bullseye Splitter
  • If still alive, cast Violent Retreat (F1) to stay away from the them
  • Then cast Kill Shot(F2)
Probably, that's how I play. :)

And a simple tip in Battlefield:
  • use Soul Skill(hotkey T) when dealing with lots of enemy then cast Blindfire(F4) then Bombardment(6)
  • use Tab when targeting enemy, it will automatically point on the enemy(this is how I got 20+ kills every battle) 
  • do not use Elusion(F12) unless you're tracking down an enemy
  • cast F9(forgot the skill name) when your HP is low

Some of my battles:
PvP: Echo of Soul

PvP: Echo of Soul

PvP: Echo of Soul

PvP: Echo of Soul

I stopped story quest at level 27, started repeatable quest to earn more badges for some awesome stuffs.

Keep gems to enhance your items. Keep your energy up(+10% HP and ATK is great)

Anyway, my IGN is Mimimeow and from Serepha Server. She's so cute. :3
Echo of Soul: Huntress
Mimimeow at 53

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