"Shame", "For the Watch"

Holy macaroon!!! What just happened?!! HAHA

Game of Thrones Season 5 is over!!!

To sum it up (Ep.10):

1. Body Count: 6 deaths plus Stannis' army.
Winter is coming and the Night's Watch just killed Jon Snow, my sister cries hard and it's funny. Stannis' fate is unexplainable, nonsense (I can't find the right adjective for it).

2. Walk of Atonement
I love Cersei's look after the "new" member of Kingsguard lift him.  

3. Daenerys being sorrounded by Dothraki warriors.
Is she gonna be raped again? 

4. Arya's brutality
Gruesome!!!! but good job Arya Stark! :)

5. Theon has grown some balls, finally.
Yeah! Prevent Sansa from death by pushing Myranda and then jump off the castle. They're at least alive right? :D

Next season will be WAR! Hope so. Now the countdown starts.

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