Pantsu on EOS!!!

So, this game is GOOD!!! Why?

  2. Characters can jump
  3. Anime-like characters
  4. Skill has cooldown
  5. Transportation
  6. Pets
  7. Lots of Quest (with hints and location indicator)
  8. Has 5 Classes and Subclasses
  9. Soul System(After each encounter with a monster or an evil spirit, you can receive a Chaos Soul from the fallen creature.)
  10. Dungeon (Solo, Party, Infinite)
  11. PVP is FAIR(stats and gear are normalized between all participating players for a fair fight. )
  12. Lots of skill (cool animation)


  1. Gender lock classes
  2. Burns my laptop (HAHA; 4GB RAM, 4GB Graphics, i5) reaches up to 80C
  3. Movement Controls
  4. Awkward looking Rouge Class (HAHA)

Actually, I just played Echo of Soul today and my character is an Archer -> Huntress and lvl. 15. I'll update this soon.


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