I like her a lot...

I like her a lot that I stop and just stare her smile like forever. What the F***! I always love cute people and those who smiles like an anti-inflammatory capsule. Women really are powerful  being! Like drugs, they can ease pain and worsen it. They're like a double-edge sword. :D

Too bad, I'm so pessimistic! But I think, just this time I'll be hopeful. hahaha
Like I always say, for a long time I don't like being close to a woman, like having a romantic closeness. Sounds gay! hahaha
It's a choice! I do date sometimes but I just thought that I don't need a girlfriend that time. Too many reasons, right? I guess all those reasons won't matter if your feeling towards that girl is greater than those reasons. It's all about their weight.

And the song for this babble,

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