So, I guess Vlad Tepes is the first mutant!

*maybe Apocalypse

After drinking the blood of the Master Vampire, Vlad had a strength of a 100 man. He can also turn into bats when fighting. In fact, he can control them which is cool; a BAT BENDER. haha
His eyesight is like a thermal  scanner.

But before that, he is known as "The Impaler". He doesn't feel anything after killing a thousand men.
blah blah blah.... :)

He is also a loving father and husband. A great leader for his people. Selfless, maybe.
  • He can't stand in daylight. 
  • His skin peels off when he touches silver and eyesight seems to blur. 
  • Can be killed with a stick (hahaha)
Meet Merena...

Isn't she lovely? haha..She looks great at the end of the film. Really, just watch it.

*Tywin Lannister was there

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