It took me so long to graduate in college and all the blame is on me. I believed that no matter what adversities you've faced, it always depends on how you accept and handle it.

When I was in my teen stage (16-20, maybe), I never thought about my future. I don't know, maybe I'm too lazy to think about it or I just don't care. Caraga State University (CarSU) is my third school, I am a dropout student in MSU, and again a dropout student in FSUU. I'm not proud of it, but I don't regret about my experiences on both school. Probably because, I gained a lot of friends. I received a lot of likes from them on Facebook, kidding aside. LOL

Anyway, this is a personal post so, it's all my opinion and this is not based on facts. It came from my head after eating lots of peanuts and drinking 6 glasses of soft drink.

In order to graduate from college you need this, shall I say it as "elements" or whatever maybe.

Will, in philosophy, refers to a property of the mind, and an attribute of acts intentionally committed. Actions made according to a person's will are called “willing” or “voluntary” and sometimes pejoratively “willful” or “at will”. In general, "will" does not refer to one particular or most preferred desire but rather to the general capacity to have such desires and act decisively based on them, according to whatever criteria the willing agent applies.-Wikipedia
 And here's my own definition of WILL, my own explanation instead.

It's like a candle that should not falter. Now, as far as I know candle doesn't lasts forever.It melts! All we need to know is when to give up and when to fight. The question is, when is the time to give up? hahaha
You gave up when all of your resources were extremely used and you're already exhausted. What I mean with resources is your physical strength, knowledge, or anything you can give or use just to solve the problem and nothing happens. But that's me! Really, learn to let go of the those things! But I do believe in divine intervention!

Set your goal, it varies depending on the person's level of maturity. When I was 16, after graduating from high school, I don't know what should I take up in college. Until 20s hit me! (BTW,I'm a BSIT graduate) LOL


Of course, you need friend! A friend who can offer you a sheet of paper during quiz. Who can lend you money. Who drank liquor. Who attends class regularly. Who gives you a ".pdf" file for study. Who trash talks. I'm lucky to have all of those! Because, they represents reality!


They say, I don't know who they are, luck is part of being an intelligent person! be continued!

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