It's been a long time since I wrote a personal entry in my blog. But I guess, having no girlfriend is way too long if you compare the two. It's not that I'm bitter with my past relationship but I've been happy without having it. I don't know maybe I'm just too busy with my studies, or maybe not.

One thing that I've learned about my past relationship is, if you love someone, show it properly. Do not attempt to hurt her for an experiment. Love can't be measure with how many love letters you've sent, and mostly it can't be measure in years. I believe that love is immeasurable, it is PERSONAL and mostly comes and goes in many forms. It's like, you're late in your exam but you saw an old woman crossing on the street and you decided to help her. It could be love, it is love for me. For others, it is a duty of a moral person. But for some, maybe just an ordinary help.

Anyway, let's go back with happiness. I'm happy, period. But, isn't it amazing and enchanting that someone can bring joy more than anything or anyone?

She's effortless, but then my smile is way more wide than watching a gag show. Makes me believed that there are really mysteries in this world. It's been a long time since I felt this. Whatever she felt towards me, is not on my mind right now. I'm happy that I can make her laugh. Although, myself thinks that I'm a boring person. I wanted to sing and dance but it's not for me, TALENTLESS is the word.

I wanted to get close to her badly. She's honest and sensitive. Looks at the mirror when she saw her crush, checked her face for retouching. I find it cute. She's a good lover. Who knows? I just met her yesterday (7/30) in person. She loves chicken fillet, it's a funny thing for me. Who doesn't love chicken for meal? Maybe, chickens hate chicken.

She's more beautiful, no, cute in person. I hope that she did not noticed how many times I looked at her. She wears glasses. I find it amazing. Yah, because it's not for fashion. I'm glad that I'm taller than her. It would be shameful if not. Although, height doesn't matter. Look at Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones (JK). I guess, everything doesn't matter in love---from a hopeless romantic boy point-of-view.

Let's end this with wishes and hopes.

I wish success in her career.

I wish her happiness either if it's from me or from other man. But I also hope that she'll let me know her more.

I hope she'll allow me to be part of her life.

I hope that she won't forget me.

Lastly, I always looked forward to when our eyes will meet again. -_-

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