Create a Navbar: The Easiest Way

"A navigation bar or (navigation system) is a section of a website or online page intended to aide visitors in travelling through the online document. Typically, webpages will have a primary navigation bar and a secondary navigation bar on all pages of the web document. These sections of the webpage will include links to the most important sections of the site. The implementation and design of navigation bars is a crucial aspect of web design and web usability."-Wikipedia

If you want to create a navigation bar containing your blog's Facebook link, Twitter, RSS Feed, or a "Follow by Email" box without any, I mean little knowledge on CSS and HTML then this will be a great tool for you.
Click the image below to create
All you have to do is  input all the necessary links needed and generate it. The site will give you the code included with  instruction. Isn't it great?

If you're having trouble with CSS or any other things, just drop a comment. That's all folks! :P

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