Facebook Page or Blog Creation?

"Which comes first, Facebook Page or Blog Creation?"

This question bothers me.

facebook or blogger

There are Facebook pages that I "like" in which it doesn't have a website but I'm sure that almost websites now has Facebook pages. As my personal view, having a 10k-100k likes in Facebook without a site is somehow a missed amount of opportunity and a potential penny. Not being greedy but at least you paid your effort in running your page.

Anyway, just to answer the question I created a blog first then Facebook page coz I don't post too much in my Facebook page. I know it's lame! :P

On the serious note...

Primarily, the main function of social networking sites/media for me is to make your post (video, images, etc.) viral. It's like having a free ad service in every "like" and "retweet" as we call it. It helps you gain huge traffic.

Just an advice regarding which path you'll take...

If you begin with Facebook page...

  • Share it with your personal friends if it is not embarrassing :)
  • Create a unique cover photo, and profile picture.
  • Describe your page properly.
  • Invite your e-mail contacts.
  • Be consistent regarding your post.
  • Post something that encourages comments and likes.
  • Make your page interactive; guessing game, etc.
  • Greet your "likers"

If you start with Blog...

Final Words

Either of the two as long as you're having a good time with it, then it's fine! Just like what the song says,

Doesn't matter when
It's always a good time then
Doesn't matter where
It's always a good time there
"Stick to your interest and try to infect others, but not too much!"

So long folks! What you think? :P
Anyway, you can start simultaneously! 

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