Validate and Optimize Your CSS

Upon reading this, I believed you have knowledge on how CSS works.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) in layman's term is the one responsible for dressing-up your web page. It adds colors your dull web page. Without CSS, by default the body background is white, links are blue, all text were align in left, font is in Times New Roman with size 12px, etc.

Too much for the intro...

When we're creating or let's say beautifying a page, sometimes we tend to wrote the code without proper format as long as it works. The problem with CSS, the page doesn't give an error even if you entered the wrong properties. So we have this tool, a very useful yet the service is free!

 CSS Validation Service

The W3C CSS Validation Service is a free software created by the W3C to help Web designers and Web developers check Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It can be used on this free service on the web, or downloaded and used either as a java program, or as a java servlet on a Web server.-W3C

All you have to do is paste all your CSS code and let it run, the site will give the errors, warnings and the valid codes for your CSS. Isn't is great? Copy the code then we need to "minify" it.

Here come the best tool for that.

Clean CSS

A CSS Formatter and Optimiser. All you need to do is follow this settings as shown in the image below. It compresses and combine the selectors with the same properties. 
optimize css

Visit the Website

or you can adjust it as you desire.

Final Words

Having a  knowledge on CSS is an advantage but thanks to many developers who shares their work to us and help their fellow designers build a website the easier way. Hope this helps! 

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