To Do: Before and After Creating a Blog

Blogging is available for all but there are some pointers that must be taken out. It's not just about writing and publishing an article but also following ethics, standards, respecting contents and opinions.

That was for the introduction! :D

Before Creating a Blogger Blog

1. Think of your Blog Title of course, it should be precise and describes your blog content.

2. Think of your Blog Domain. 
  • Please do not use numbers on it like for example "123loveonline" unless it tells about your blog like this one: "54Blogger: List 5 things about blogging". And do not come up with this idea,
funny domain names
credits to
  • Do not change your domain as often as you like. It affects your rank somehow. Stick to your domain for the rest of your journey as a blogger. If your planning to buy a custom domain name in the future, better check it first  if it's still available. 
  • It should be catchy, easy to remember, not too long, unique and avoid hyphens if possible. Please do not misuse "1" and "I", "0" and "O", "A" and "4". You can think better than that. 

After Creating a Blogger Blog

1. Plan Ahead. What I mean to this is schedule your blog posting. It should be 2-3 articles per month. If you can do better than that, much better! Do not posts 5 - 10 articles in an instant or else your blog will be consider as spam by Google. Although you can still restore it.  Give at least a gap let's say an hour. 

2. Choose an appropriate template for your Blog . There are lots of free templates that will suit your blog type: portfolio, gallery, etc. Here are some of the sites that provides nice templates:
you can always google.

3. Install the necessary widgets. Your blog should not be irritating. Avoid too many ads, pop-ups are the worst, marquee (scrolling text or scrolling images) is worse and having an autoplay background music is bad. You don't need too much, just few important widgets like
  • Recent Posts
  • Popular Posts
  • Recent Comments (optional)
  • Social Networks
  • Search Bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Categories/Labels
Do not bring your reader to a dead-end. You must put a navigation links at the bottom of the page (footer).

4. Create the necessary Pages. Your blog should always have a "Home", "About", "Contact" and "Archive" other than that is optional. Do not post the e-mail address that you used in your blog. It is much better to use forms like on: 
5. Optimize your Blog. 
SEO or Search Engine Optimization  is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results.
  • Describe your blog. Go to SETTINGS > Search Preference > Meta Tags. You have to edit it. Then Save Changes. 

  • Next Custom robots header tags, enable it then just follow this settings then save.
robot header tags

  • Use proper meta tags. I used this in my blog, paste the cobe below "<head>" but not after "<b:skin><![CDATA[/*"
Use alt tags in images, add a search description in every post. 

Minimize images for your blog to load faster. Minify your CSS.  Put your script at the end, before "</body>" tag.

6. Promote Your Blog. One way and the most effective is through social networking sites. That is why install a sharing buttons in every blog posts.

  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Create Twitter Account
  • Join Forums
  • Share it with your "real" friends
Any other network is good. Like :D

And lastly, be friendly! :P

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