5 Reasons Not To Apply Google Adsense

Google Adsense

You have a blog, you want to earn money from it but there are things that you must consider before monetizing it. Some bloggers were hasty getting money from their blog but failed to earn a considerable amount. Then they got bored, stop blogging. It doesn't have to end  with that. All you need is patience and some pointers, motivation and lots of ideas which are original and not "copy-paste".

Here are some pointers, which I believe that should be consider before applying Google Adsense.

1. Your Blog Is New

As in a week old, you're not close with Google Team to approve your new blog. Even if you got approved it is still useless, you have to build traffic first. Promote your blog, when you reach let's say 500 visits per day, I think it's the right time. It will take time to achieve it but as the saying says "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

2. Your Content is Copy-Paste

Well, it's not that bad to "copy-paste" as long as you give full credit to the source. Don't even think posting a full-copied article in your blog. Respect and follow web ethics.

But what I mean with this, Adsense doesn't approved those copyrighted content.

3. Your Blog contains Voyeuristic Articles

Have you seen any porn site with Google Adsense? That says it all.

4. Your Blog Design is Sarcastically out of this World

With all those dark background with dark fonts. Web designing is not like dressing up, terno is "no no" here. There are lots of free templates out there all you need to do is find which fits the best on your blog.

5. Your not serious in Blogging

What's the point of applying Adsense for your blog if your not really into it? You need to dedicate your time and effort to maintain your blog status and don't disappoint your "real" readers and subscribers.

Final Words

To be called as successful blogger you must respect other's property and focus on your forte. It will take time to achieve it but don't forget to have fun as you go through it. There are lots of good people who appreciates your effort in sharing your knowledge to them. You might change their outlook in life. Words are powerful, you know!

That's all folks! You can always disagree on the said pointers but I will always appreciate and consider it.

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