Create a Gadget with Posts from a Specific Label

post with blogger label

This is the scenario here, you want to have a gadget/widget containing the posts of a specific label. Let's say, you have 10 posts having an "ABC" label and you want to create a gadget containing those posts. Sounds confusing but it's simple to achieve using Feedburner and it's BuzzBoost service.

Before proceeding, you may take a look on how to create a feed out of your blog posts here.

After watching the video, you only need to identify which label you want to use. Let's say I have this series of  label namely "Fashion, Gadgets, Music". All you have to to is get that label name and use it as your feed address.
Replace the blogname with your blog.
Replace labelname with the label containing the posts you want to display in the gadget.

Use the feed address above and burn that feed then install BuzzBoost as instructed in the video, @00:16 of the video use the feed address above.

Final Words

Let me know if something goes wrong. That's all folks!

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