Useful Fonts in Designing a Logo

I've been crazy about logo-making lately, it's quite fun. Serves as my pastime , and if  got lucky might earn a dollar. So, upon this crazy adventure I thoroughly searched the best font that will blend and accompany the logo theme.

This is so far the best site I've found:

1. LogoFonts

  • This website provides you a tool that will avoid you the hassle of installing numerous fonts onto your computer. Now you can check how each font looks like easily and quickly and you wont care about the font amount limit of your operating system.-LogoFonts

I want to study more about designing if given a chance, focus on web designing  and its related fields. Someday, well for now gotta teach myself for a while until I found a great sensei or seminars. haha

It's just sad that in our city no seminars or conference that teaches it. Anyway, still thankful for the world of Internet forever. haha

Samples below that I'd created so far:

I love black and white. :D

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