Simple Billing System in VB6

This is my simple project on our subject RDBMS II using Visual Basic 6. And I would like to share it because I'm done with it. hahaha

 Screenshots below:

It has four tables namely: tblprod, tblcust, tblsales, tblteller. Access the admin login by using username: "admin" and pw : "mattmorz". The admin can add products, teller and customer and is able to view the sales/transaction done by the teller and calculate it by month, daily or annually.

All the tables except the tblsales can perform the basic task like, ADD, EDIT, DELETE, SEARCH.
ADODB Connection is used.
ListView was used on this project so enable it by checking the components or just follow the image below:

Note: I'm don't know a lot about the References and Components so just follow the images on top.

I'm sorry but it has no designs, just the default colors.
Download it here: Click Me!

That's all folks! :P

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