The Effect of Mining related to Food Eating

So, we have this mining and food eating, the question is how they are related?  If we look at it, this both “activity” is somehow far related but we can’t deny that there is a certain point that this two terms collide.

Mining seems popular nowadays; especially those places where coal and minerals are still abundant like in CARAGA Region specifically Surigao, etc. With this “activity” or process the company is allowed to search, explore and obtain what they’ve discover. There is money in exchange to the health of the employees. This is due to unemployment in our country. Yes, mining can employ certain people. They will take risk as long as they earn money. And who suffers this in the long run, still the man.

There is also what we called responsible mining, just like what the advertisement says that I saw on television. They do mining but plant trees also. But is it enough for the damage that they’ve created as the mining proceeds?  We can’t have a specific answer. We can only anticipate that if we don’t stop mining, maybe tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow we will all regret it.  We live in one planet, where it’s free and abundant but we have to look at it also. Take good care of it, that’s the responsibility of the inhabitants. That’s why human being is rational

On the other hand, food eating is a necessity. This means, we won’t live long if we stop eating. However, just like mining there is responsible eating also. Upon watching the video presented in the class it says that more people die because of over eating than lack of food. Now, that’s gluttony. It’s a sin.

Let’s go back to mining; the problem with this “activity” is the drainage and waste disposal. It will flow to the river until it reaches to the sea or even affects the plants that surround the mining area. Soil erosion, formation of sinkholes and loss of biodiversity is few of the effects of mining to environment. That’s why; if we allow mining it should be thoroughly investigated to avoid such effect. The local government will earn a high amount of money but will definitely change its topography.

Mining affects our environment where we get our foods, the oxygen we breathe and materials needed for out shelter. Mining and food eating have this in common; they both are choices and responsibilities. The food we eat, whether for our health or just for our taste buds? It affects us. We are what we eat. Same as mining, in every dig in the earth surface it disturbs the flow of the ecosystem.

The bottom line with this write-up is to be responsible in every way, either simple or big things. It’s never too late to start now.


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