Making a Video Tutorial

Well, if we don't have a project in "Interactive Multimedia Authoring" I won't be able to share this small but awesome softwares needed in creating a video tutorial (IT-related), of course.

Here are the softwares, as stated on the image above:

1. ZD Soft Recorder 4 : supports several screen recording modes:

  • Desktop Recorder mode: create software demos.
  • Video Recorder mode: capture streaming videos.
  • Game Recorder mode: record PC game play.
  • Webcam Recorder mode: capture video from webcam.
2.  ZoomIt is a desktop zoom and annotation tool, that enables you to zoom your desktop with your wheel mouse or the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. It is activated with a customizable keyboard shortcut, and can also be used to draw on your desktop (with or without zoom), using a customizable color and pen width.
ZoomIt is very convenient to use, it does not require any additional windows to open or close, and even includes a customizable break timer that will blank your screen with a countdown when it is activated.

Note: Password for the File is "mattmorz".

Here is one of the video output:

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