Where to write your blog?

Have you heard about Windows Live Writer? Just this month, my previous 5 posts were written in Windows Live Writer. It’s great, for many reasons, very simple to use and can be easily customize.
Some of my favorite features:
  • You can create a table automatically, and it’s very easy no more coding. hahaha
Ex :
Table 1 Table 2
Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!
  • You can define your image border, position, etc. You can also put a watermark. FTW!
Ex :
Mina Asakura reflection  effect
  •  Insert a video easily, well it’s just like embedding it. But here in Windows Live Writer, URL only.
  • And a lot more stuffs like tags, map, photo album.
Feel free to visit their website for more information, I’m sure you’ll love it. Btw, it’s free! hahaha

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