Meet Bungog

My Pockie Ninja Character

So, who the hell is “Bungog”?

Well, it’s the name of  my character in Pockie Ninja. I’ve been playing this game for almost two-months, not sure.  I’m glad that I am able to synthesize my outfit into +18, fit for my level which LVL52. I also had a pet, a +18 sweet potato that I named it also as “Gahi”. And all my equipments have 4 stats but I was not able to put a “slot” on it. It’s so expensive, costs 58 coupons or gold. My build is not yet define. My current stats is a mess. hahaha

bungog on slot machine

I am planning to be a dodger when i turn LVL60+.

There are lots of update on Pockie Ninja.

  • about the incription
  • they also added outfits such as Third Hokage and the Mizukage, some outfit stats also we’re change.
  • the skill interface is improved. (this is the best for me, less hassle)
  • S1 and S2 were merged.
  • lots of events
  • Los Noches can be challenge 3 times now
  • you can get outfit on Valhalla
  • recast system is implemented
  • and many more…

I would like to share the skills I used:

skills pockieninja

For a speedster, we need to slow down the enemy as much as possible.

My tips (personal experience):

  • do slot machine, as much as possible do it 30+ times, you can get unbound items there in which you can sell in the market
  • keep your demon proof, use it if its over 15. In that case you will get less frustrated if you get nothing on the first or second try. Use it if there is double exp event.
  • do valhalla everyday. a chance to get 4s equipments and you will be able to gain stone also. take the lead if you have good connection and find a party who never quits in the middle of the fight if you still can’t do it in solo.
  • do pet tracing. if you want to find a pet for synthesizing, it helps. you can also get pet lock, and pet food.
  • if you want to level up fast, do the quest and if you will go offline, challenge players in the hall at Angel City and take their spot.
  • and if your planning to play Pockie Ninja, choose your village well depending on your character and build you want.
  • and oh, the last tip, read some guides  before playing. hahaha

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