Japanese on console

Real Steel Atom

Have you watched the “Real Steel” movie? Yes, I did! Just this afternoon and alone.

It’s a very good movie for family. It is about a father (Hugh Jackman) who is a boxer before, left or shall we say abandoned his child (Dakota Goyo). But then they were reunited when the Mom died. You better watch it coz I’m not telling it all here. LOL

Now, let’s talk about ATOM. It is the name of the robot, carved on his left chest. When I first heard it, I thought it’s Adam. Together with Charlie(Hugh) and Max(Dakota) they went up challenging ZEUS.

ZEUS is the undefeated robot in WRB or World Robot Boxing, if I’m not mistaken. And who created him on the film, it’s the Japanese guy. I forgot the name. And who controls it, still Japanese together with American.   Mostly on WRB, two people controls the robot. But in case of ATOM, only Charlie. ATOM can mimic moves. :P

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