Cebu Educational Tour

The trip was tiring but it was so much fun. It’s not because it’s my first time on Cebu but I learned a lot from the company we visited. Plus, the bonding with friends and I was able also to meet my college classmates at MSU-IIT. They were professionals now and they work there.

As far as I remember, we rode bus going to Surigao Port because there was no trip in Nasipit at Saturday. It takes a half day to be there in Cebu. We arrived on Cebu Port, Monday. I was so tired and we were not given a time to rest instead we shall prepare our self to start visiting tour sites and historical spots on Cebu. After taking the breakfast, our tour starts.

I can’t remember the names of the sites we visited. Sad to say, my phone turned off. And I don’t feel taking pictures on that time. So, I got no pictures on Mactan Shrine, Magellan's Cross and the Cathedral. Most of them were historic spots like the place where Lapu-lapu and Magellan fought. It's so hot walking under the sun with lot of people around. Cebu is just so hot and it seems very urbanize. That’s how our Day 1 started.

college friends

On the afternoon, that was time I met my previous college friends at MSU-IIT. We eat at Casa Verde in Ayala Mall. We play games on Time Zone. And try 4D. To sum it up, it was so fun. I am hoping to do it again someday.

Day 2 and Day 3 were company visits. I think CITUM was the first agency we visited. CITUM is the traffic system in Cebu. As far as I can remember, it was from Sydney, Australia and Cebu was the first one to use it in the Philippines and some other cities followed this system. It automatically adjust the time given to the automobiles depend on there quantity.

We also visited Stream Global Services; it’s a call center company I guess, still owned by Ayala Groups. Mostly, there customers were Americans or English speaking country. Requirements on how to be a part of their company were discussed.

We’ve been to Taoist Temple also. It is located at Beverly Hills were high-class family lives and most of them were Filipino-Chinese.

 cebu taoist temple csu trip to cebu bus

We also went to San Carlos University. We roam around the campus and visited their computer laboratory. Most of their rooms have surveillance camera.

san carlos university

I guess that’s it and I almost forget every afternoon we go to SM Cebu just to roam or go on shopping but on our case we play DotA together with my friends. And by the way, we stayed at Crown Regency Guadalupe.

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