There's No Such Thing As Future

A blooming bud is predicted to be a flower.

Our life is planned as our existence has been carved in a stone. No matter how we attempt to alter it, it will still fall to default. Yeah, God gave us mind. We're still the captain of our ship but the path we're taking is leading to God's horizon. 
Personally, I don't plan ahead because I'm lazy. As much as possible, I want to enjoy this borrowed life. I always put this line on my head:
Everyone exists, few lives.
How colorful our life will be, depends on how we live. How meaningful our will be, depends on how we act.
To exist for no reason is the same as being dead. To have a goal , a purpose, a priority for which you fight and stand up when you're down no matter what means to truly live, that's why life exists, for us to fight and suffer in order to gain joy.

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