Happy Father's Day

This year, father's day will fall tomorrow, June 19. Actually my dad passed away for almost 6 years. The things that I missed about him is he always play jokes with us. He even teases me when I was young until I cry. 
My dad used to love this song and listening to it reminded me how much I miss him. He also loves folk songs from Joey Ayala. I don't know so much but he loves serving IP's, he want them to be educated. Hayyy, I always say this:
I have many regrets, not in my life, but the time when I can still show my love to my father. I should have been a sweeter son to him.

Please be happy with my life dad, I'm sorry for turning down your ambition for me. I should fulfill it, maybe soon. Thanks for guiding us even without your presence. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

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