Goodbye JamLegend

I started playing this music casual game on 2010, but sad to say it will end on April 29, 2011. I received their e-mail.

Here is the message:
        After nearly three years of running JamLegend...

        We are shutting down the service to move on to new ventures. 
We will look back fondly on our experiences at JamLegend. JamLegend was the most vibrant music gaming community in the world, where the greatest players and trackers/producers helped evolve online music consumption. We'll always be proud of bringing so much joy to so many.

        As of April 18th, 2011...

        New registrations, JamCash deposits, and all JamCash transactions, including VIP subscriptions and extensions, will cease, and on April 29, 2011 we will close the service completely. We value all of our users and appreciate your business. For any users with leftover JamCash or months of VIP past May 27th 2011, you may be eligible for a refund.

        We have always been committed to keeping your data private. As such, we will be permanently deleting all user data after closing JamLegend on April 29, 2011. If there’s anything on JamLegend you'd like to remember (friends, stats), please make sure you do so before then.

        Thank you so much...

        It's been an incredible privilege and honor to have you as a customer. We're proud of our work with JamLegend. We successfully weathered the great and stormy seas many startups face, grew to 2M users and 110M plays, worked with all four major music labels and independent artists alike, and ultimately did things only dreamed of in music and games.

        A special thanks to all those involved in JamLegend, especially Rob, William, Ray, Gordon, Wes, and Maiko.


        Andrew, Arjun, and Ryan

        JamLegend Founders


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