Tough Girls

They're not only beautiful and gorgeous ladies but also with skills and abilities that make them more amazing. Let's begin with:

Alice from Resident Evil

Elektra from self titled movie "Elektra". She uses sai as a weapon.

Lara Croft a tomb raider.

Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. She's a cop.

Nikki Sanders from "HEROES", she is incredibly strong but with split personality.

Kiina from the Japanese series "Kiina", she's a detective. No weapons, just her photographic memory. She can read one book and remember it all in just a couple of minute.

Claire Bennet from "HEROES", supposedly a cheerleader. She can regenerate really fast and on the later part she can't feel pain anymore. And also she can't die.

Mystique from "X-Men", she can transform into anyone but can't copy the abilities.

The Charlie's Angels

Jean Grey or The Phoenix, her mind is capable of anything.

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