My Choice

From Just My Thoughts
I choose you.

Everyday I wake up, I choose to love you. I will continue to choose you everyday 'til forever. I choose to love you, cherish you, adore you, take care of you and spoil you. I choose to be loyal to you, to be honest with you, to fight for you. You are deserving of all these things and more. I have loved you, but haven't shown it well. But I will try everyday to do better, because you make me a better person. I never knew love, never knew understanding, before I met you.

Until forever. From My Thinking Cap: 😊😍

when it is hard to love you,
I will love you more.
when I feel like you're pushing me away,
i will hold you tight.
you are who you are,
and I love you for that.
although it puzzles me.
the change in mood,
the way you talk to me.
out of concern, maybe.
i get it.
you need to grow.
you are afraid of the future.
uncertain things.
actually, uncertainty excites me as long as we're together.
keep in mind that i will always cons…

Updating Features in Openlayers 4.x

Let's say you have this following set-up:

var jsonObj = {
        "type": "FeatureCollection",
        "features": [
                "geometry": {
                    "type": "Point",
                    "coordinates": [124.112122, 8.112132]
                "type": "Feature",
                "properties": {
                    "device_id": 138,

var vectorSource = new ol.source.Vector({
        features: (new ol.format.GeoJSON()).readFeatures(jsonObj)
var vectorLayer = new ol.layer.Vector({
        source: vectorSource,
        style: pointStyleFunction
 ...//other code like adding the layer to the map
setProperties  Sets a collection of key-value pairs. Note that this changes any existing properties and adds new ones (it does not remove any exi…

Deploying Django Apps in Heroku

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. If you have a simple Django app that doesn't require huge storage or database, Heroku is the best choice. Their free service will suffice your need. Your app will be available almost 24/7 (~23 days up time in a month). You are given 550 hours per month and if you have a credit card, an additional of 450 hours will be rewarded. Enough to make your app to be available always. The server also sleeps  after 30 mins of inactivity. This enables you to save uptime hours.

In deploying Django in Heroku you just need to have this ff. files:
.gitignoreruntime.txtrequirements.txtProcfileDjango App  All file must reside in the project directory as shown below:
.gitignoreis a text file containing the type of files within the directories that wont be included in the deployment of app

runtime.txtis a text file containing the version of Python that the app will use. Example…


Is there anything better than food reactions? Yes. Insane gambling reactions.
If you thought Shokugeki no Soma was full of excessive reactions on 2015, well, buckle up as you watch Kakegurui this year. I have to say, the new anime releases this season are really great especially Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul * I have my eyes on Nina Drango, she’s so cute* but that’s for another topic. What made this anime unique in its own kind of way is the fact that it has its own charisma. Anyone who has seen Prison School could surely sense that the way the students treat the “house pets” were much like how the boys in Prison School were treated minus the prison cell. Kakegurui has this creative visual presentation within each episode wherein they showcase different forms of gambling and how each game has their own sets of thrills and risks.
The main character herself is very interesting and mysterious. I should say, I am very impressed as to how the anime tells its story. Not often do you see…

A Year with Her

I’ll be taking my time spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you One person is enough to touch your life.
She is that person for me.

History...over a year ago.

It was a rainy evening.
I had an umbrella though.
I was wearing a blue shirt, grey pants and a Nike Shoe.
Before going for dinner to meet her, I went to store to buy school materials for my sister.
The store is not that far from our meeting place, so I decided to walk going there.
It was still raining but I managed to arrive there first.
I waited a little bit then she showed up without me noticing her.
I think I was busy browsing and checking with my phone.
I was surprised.
Well, I haven't seen her for almost a decade.
But how can I forget my first love?
That was young love but she is.
I took an order already, it was a full meal.
She just ordered cake and shake if my memory serves me well.
We talked, we exchanged words.
She has a lot to say about something.
She's still the same.
I was amazed.
Time passes, rai…

Revamped Our Rainfall Monitoring System

I had mentioned that I was digging ReactJS in my last post, so I applied what I have learned about it to revamp our rainfall monitoring system.

It's funny how we code last day, month or year is very much different compared today. It's not bad though, that means we're (I'm) improving or there's a progress. The system before uses JavaScript, JQuery, Openlayers and  a JavaScript library for date formatting.

Here's how it works:
Request data from a different (an external) domain(server)Get the latest value and append it to the pre-defined GeoJSON objectEvaluate the value to determine its rainfall intensity Finally, plot it on the map Downside, upon clicking each points, the system needs to request again the data to display it in graph.

Now, like I said, there's a progress.

Aside from using ReactJS, I also changed how it works.
Request data from a different (an external) domain(server).Get all the data (not just the last value) from all available stations and sto…

My Adventure with ReactJS and Django I

I am digging ReactJS these past days. I am trying to figure out how it works this is because of my curiosity looking at the source code of a certain website with clean html structure--like having just a head, body and a division within it only. I was wondering how the HTML elements have been rendered on that page, and there I found out that it is possible by using ReactJS (I don't know if there are other library that can do it).

Just an introduction what is this ReactJS--it is developed by Facebook (made it more appealing to me). If they are using it, therefore, it must be really efficient and fast. As the description on the website states, it is "A JavaScript library for building user interfaces". Based on my understanding, it utilizes the Virtual DOM, meaning instead of directly changing or re-rendering the DOM when updates is needed,  ReactJS will determine and calculate if there are changes in the UI in Virtual DOM and if there is, it will re-render the entire UI in…